7 fall 2021 trends that you should get on board with

7 tendencias de otoño 2021 que debes fichar

That’s right. It’s time to say goodbye to the heat, the vacations and those scarf hairstyles that have gotten us out of trouble so many times this summer. But the best is yet to come, so keep your spirits up. It’s time to get to know the best fall 2021 trends and put them into […]

5 great ideas for decorating your home with your favorite accessories

Decorate your home with favorite accessories

Have you ever thought that your favorite accessories are too beautiful to be forgotten in a closet? Some accessories and complements like our printed silk scarves can become authentic works of art to decorate your home. In addition, with these ideas that we bring you below you will surely get your home unique and everyone […]

Why do silkworms raise their heads?

¿Porqué los gusanos de seda levantan la cabeza?

Behind our work as manufacturers of silk scarves and foulards, there is also the meticulous work of the small silkworms, which elaborate the cocoons that will later be used to make this soft and delicate fabric. Although the breeding of these insects is not only reserved for silk professionals, there are many children and amateurs […]

How to wear a big scarf

como ponerse un pañuelo grande

For the last few years everything has been going big, bags, jewelry, jackets, pants, shoes… That’s why for many fashion lovers the XL or oversize is synonymous with style and trend. So if oversize is your thing, you will like to know the best ways to wear a large silk scarf that we propose below. […]

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