Ways to wear a headscarf

Pañuelo seda rojo mujer cabeza

The trend of wearing silk scarves brings us a lot of options and ways to wear a scarf on your head. Whether for special occasions or for everyday wear, the scarf hairstyles will allow you to give style to your outfits, give a touch of color to your looks and change the typical loose hair or ponytail hairstyle.

Silk scarves are also the perfect accessory for a wedding guest.

How do you wear a headscarf?

There are so many ways to wear a headscarf. Here we have compiled some of them so that you can combine our silk scarves in a thousand and one ways.

Pirate-style headscarf

In the 2000’s all the pop stars wore it, and we all thought it was the coolest thing. So if you loved this trend, congratulations, because this fashion is back with a vengeance.

Putting on your headscarf pirate style is very easy.

All you have to do is fold it in half until it forms a triangle. The fold should go over the forehead, leaving the ends back to make a knot. You can hide the knot under the hair, or leave it over the hair as a turban. If the scarf is too big, you can use the remaining part to make a braid by joining it to your hair.

Making a turban with a silk scarf

There are many ways to wear a scarf on your head as a turban. On the Internet you will find all kinds of tutorials that will help you do it without any problem. Search on Pinterest, Youtube or Tik Tok to become a pro. In this video from Diez Minutos Magazine they show you seven ways to wear a turban step by step.

The scarf as a turban is a great option to protect your head from the sun in summer. Style your bikini look with a matching scarf.

  1. Fold the scarf in half to form a triangle.
  2. Drape it around your head and leave the tip of the triangle on your face.
  3. Join the ends of the scarf and tie a knot with them at the front.
  4. With the end that you haven’t caught yet, bring it back and hide the knot at the back.
  5. Take the ends again and bring them to the back, tie a knot again.
  6. Hide the ends of the knot under the scarf.

Turban headband

Small silk hair scarf

Making a turban headband out of a silk scarf is super simple and ‘cool’. It is a very comfortable way to prevent your hair from falling towards your face.

To do so, just follow these steps:

  1. Roll a scarf more or less long with each other, to form an elongated rectangle.
  2. Pass the rolled scarf behind the head, leaving the two ends on the head. At this point, cross the ends in front of the head to create a sort of knot.
  3. Bring the ends down and pass them behind the head.
  4. Knot the ends to ensure that the hairstyle is neatly and securely tied.
Turban head scarf


As you can see the scarves will allow you to make a lot of different hairstyles and looks. And the best of all is that these accessories are super versatile. It is one of the most multipurpose accessories, because besides wearing it on your head, you can wear it on your neck, as a belt and even make clothing with a large scarf.

What kind of scarf hairstyle suits you best?

If you wanted more, you can’t miss the post of 5 ideas of hairstyles with scarves for this summer.

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