About us

Since 2018 we are dedicated to the creation of beautiful and unique silk scarves and other fabrics foulards, accessories and delicate products inspired by architectural geometries, artistic movements and nature.

Our History

Our origins from Granada, where our parents took us every Sunday to play in the gardens of the Alhambra, is the reason for our passion for Islamic geometry.

We bring our customers to have a connection with our history through wearable scarves that they can use in their daily life, where quality and originality stand out.

Apart from the designs we make for our own brand, we also do custom work for clients, companies or other brands working today with museums that choose us to represent the works of art that they have on display to turn them into beautiful scarves.

Our designs are timeless, colorful and full of history, in a wide variety of fabrics and finishes.

Fair trade, fair price

We understand that fair trade does not only imply the manufacturing part, but that you, as a customer, must also benefit from a fair price.

This is how the cycle is closed.


We pride ourselves in creating unique and sustainable silk products. Surrounded by a society of accelerated and unsustainable consumption, we are certain that the only solution is to create timeless products, where quality lasts through the years and with low environmental impact.

mujer con pañuelo en la cabeza


We are blessed to have found our passion, and to be able to make a living from it. 


Within the business model we develop, we love collaborations. We love working with artists, giving them a voice and exposure through our collections and creating a symbiotic relationship where everything revolves around generating a win-win relationship, where together we grow and benefit.

If you have a proposal for us, don’t hesitate to write us at info@hamzah.es