Our printed silk scarves are also perfect for men who want to wear a colorful and different, sophisticated and elegant garment. In addition, there are plenty of ways to wear silk scarves on the neck, which we already told you about in this other post of our blog, both in formal looks, as well as for day to day outfits. This time we want to share with you some ideas of looks with silk scarves for men that will allow you to make the most of this special and timeless garment.

The casual elegance of a blazer with chino pants

If you need an elegant look, but something more casual than a suit jacket and matching pants, we suggest a blazer, light chino pants, a plain cotton shirt and a silk scarf for men.

In this look the scarf will be ideal loose over the collar, without a knot, falling evenly on each side. As for the shirt, wear it a little open if you want to emphasize the ‘casual’.

This is an ideal outfit for going to work, going out to a party or going to an informal social event.

Denim look with silk scarf for men

If jeans are the favorite garment in your closet, you’ll be happy to know that denim outfits also go great with silk scarves.

You can knot your silk scarf around your neck with an interlocking knot. Combine it with a white shirt, slim fit jeans, sneakers and an eighties style jacket or a sweater.

Rocker style

For this occasion we will choose a small square silk scarf, bandana type, and we will tie it around the neck, getting a very hot and sexy look.

Pair your scarf with a white short-sleeved T-shirt, leather jacket and black biker pants. And on the feet, a pair of boots or Converse sneakers. For the magic touch, add a pair of sunglasses that you feel favored with and you will get a super look for going out.

Scarf instead of tie

Another very elegant look for work or an important date is to wear a handkerchief instead of a tie.

To tie this knot, place the scarf over your shoulders, around your neck, making sure that the two ends are parallel in front. Bring one end forward and pass it under the other. Drape the front over the back, adjusting the length to your liking.

Now you can tuck the scarf into the jacket and wear it over a shirt that matches the colors of the scarf, preferably plain.

British style

The Peaky Blinders series has shown that British looks can be very flattering for gentlemen.

Silk neckerchiefs, in any of their forms, are a great match for this type of style.

Choose a knitted sweater, pleated pants in the range of browns and a cardigan or long coat, good oxford shoes and a silk scarf with one or two turns around the neck, letting the ends fall symmetrically on each side.

Find the silk scarf that best suits your style at Hamzah.es.

What do you think of these five looks with silk scarves for men? Accessories personalize our style and give it that special and different plus. In the case of printed silk scarves, they always bring a different touch, fun and elegant at the same time.

At Hamzah.es you will find a wide variety of prints and colors so that you can perfectly combine your pure silk scarves with your favorite garments, achieving ‘polished’ looks and your style.

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