That’s right. It’s time to say goodbye to the heat, the vacations and those scarf hairstyles that have gotten us out of trouble so many times this summer. But the best is yet to come, so keep your spirits up. It’s time to get to know the best fall 2021 trends and put them into practice to start this new course marking style.

Can you imagine what accessories and garments you can’t miss among the fall 2021 trends? Here’s our selection of must-haves!
We’re looking forward to seeing what you can’t miss!

Vests, among the trends for fall 2021

Vests are always the star of autumn. But this year even more so. It is a very nineties garment, which always brings a plus of style. In addition, they are really easy to combine and (almost) always look good.

You can wear a suit vest with matching pants and pair them with a T-shirt and sneakers, if you’re going for a casual look. Or cinch the vest with a belt, skip the T-shirt and dress it up with some heels if you’re going for a bold, sophisticated look.

Silk scarves

One of the properties of silk is that they are breathable and prevent excess heat. In addition, it is a natural fabric that is an excellent temperature regulator. Thanks to its insulating effect, it helps to maintain body temperature. When it is cold, the heat is kept inside the silk thanks to the air between the silk threads.

This, along with the many ways to wear a scarf, means that this accessory will continue to be a trend in autumn as well.

Schoolgirl shoes

They are the ideal shoe for autumn in its many versions, heeled or flat shoes, moccasins or derby shoes. All options will look great with your fall looks.

Knitwear sets

They are beautiful and comfortable, what more could you ask for? Without a doubt they have become one of the biggest trends this fall. So it’s time to take them out of the closet and wear them as you like.

Padded jackets

Jackets, coats or vests. These months it never hurts to have a good ‘just in case’, and the quilted and fluffy finish will look good with everything and will give much rollazo to your look. There are plenty of models, prints and colors, choose the one that best suits you and it will become an inseparable garment both in autumn and spring.

Platform high boots

They were already in full force last year and are back this fall 2021. Military-style platform boots are an absolute trend in all their versions. Choose the higher ones to combine them with shorts, miniskirts and dresses, and the low boots for all kinds of looks with pants.

Cut-out clothing

If you have in your closet clothes with uncovered areas, with die-cuts, or with openings that leave strategic and very suggestive areas in the air, autumn is the time to take them out and make the most of them. In fact, you probably won’t find a better time to wear them without getting hot or cold. Now or never, autumn temperatures are your ally to play with fashion, risk and win!


As you can see, all the fall 2021 trends have in common that they can be combined with both lighter and warmer garments, to adapt to this changing weather and always be comfortable.

If you are looking for scarves to combine with your fall looks, we invite you to take a look at our online silk scarves store. You will fall in love with their unique and colorful designs, but above all you will not want to stop using them when you feel their soft and pleasant touch, which adapts perfectly to your body temperature.

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