There are an infinite number of ways to combine a silk scarf. In fact, this is one of the reasons why scarves and foulards are so popular. They are one of the most versatile accessories that exist.

If you are looking for new ways to combine your scarf, or you want to give a new use to that special gift, or with a great sentimental value, this post is for you. We tell you the best ways to combine a silk scarf!

How to match a silk scarf according to its color

The way in which we combine scarves often depends on the color and pattern of these or their size. But as a general rule, colorful silk scarves, like the ones you can find in our online scarves store, combine perfectly with almost any kind of look. Besides, did you know that we also make customized scarves? So if you would like to create your own scarf, to match perfectly with a very special or specific look, we make it happen.

Another way to match a scarf is by taking into account the color of your hair or skin. Dark colored scarves help to stylize the face, although they also make the features harden. That’s why darker scarves sometimes go better with more natural makeup. On the other hand, scarves with warm and intense tones bring light to the face.

If your skin and hair are light, dark-toned scarves in colors such as black, gray, blue or maroon are ideal. But if you have light skin and dark hair, green, black, red, fuchsia and electric blue scarves will look great on you. In this case, avoid white and pastel shades.

The tones that suit people with dark skin and dark hair are orange, navy blue, pink and green. And for those with dark skin and light hair, we recommend red, orange, brown, green and beige scarves.

Swap your necklaces or bracelets for your favorite silk scarf.

A foolproof way to combine the scarf with any garment is to change it for a necklace, a watch or a bracelet. Scarves in the form of a choker or long necklace give a very chic touch and help to completely transform any outfit. In addition, scarves made of fine fabrics such as silk, help to stylize the neck.

Another way to stylize the figure is to let it fall over the bust.

And if you prefer it on the wrist, it will give you a very rocker and festival look. To wear it, fold the scarf in the shape of a triangle, take the ends and join them together, then place it on the wrist and knot it.

Another accessory that you can change the scarf for is the belt. Tie your scarf around your waist and you will make the look much more special. Have you tried it yet?

How to combine silk scarves with clothes?

As we said at the beginning, scarves go with almost any type of clothing. But there are some in particular that seem to have been born to be worn together by the good result that appears when combined. And one of them is the trench coat. Combine your scarf with a trench coat in a plain tone and you will see the magic. They also look equally good with other garments such as jackets (blazers) and shirts with open collars.

To combine colorful silk scarves on the lower part of the body, we suggest any single-color or dark-colored garment. For example, jeans, a midi dress or a skirt.

The prints of bright and intense colors will help you to achieve an ideal spring style for these dates.

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