The fabric of our original silk scarves is one of the most precious natural fibers in the world: it is fine, breathable, shiny and very elegant. But does silk wrinkle? To answer this question, many factors must be taken into account. So we have prepared this post to have a little clearer answer and give you some tips to iron your silk garments so they always look like just bought.

Does silk wrinkle, yes or no?

There are different theories as to whether silk wrinkles or not. The truth is that there is no single valid answer. Since the first thing to keep in mind is that there are different types of silk and that not all are the same, as we told you in a previous post in which we talked about this topic and told you the differences between the different fabrics that are made from this natural fiber.

The fact that not all types of silk have the same properties is one of the variants that make some silk garments wrinkle more than others, or do so more easily.

But this is not the only factor we encounter. The size of the garment (its weight) and the way silk garments are stored also play a role.

A silk garment of greater volume will tend to wrinkle more due to the weight of the fabric, while smaller garments, such as silk scarves, hardly wrinkle with use.

And this is a great advantage of these scarves over scarves made of other materials, such as synthetic “silk”: You can wear a Hamzah silk scarf all day long and when you take them off you will discover that they hardly have any wrinkles, and if they do, they are very easy to remove.

Among other things because our scarves are lightweight and made of the best quality natural silk. You will be able to fold them without leaving any marks, so the next time you use them they will be perfect. All these features make our silk scarves so popular and so successful.

Key: How to store a silk scarf so it doesn’t wrinkle

Although silk scarves do not wrinkle easily, we will help them not to wrinkle if we store them properly. In this post about where and how to store silk scarves we told you that the best way to keep large silk scarves stored is hanging them.

This will prevent wrinkles from forming. For example, you can use tie hangers or a dresser bar.

If you prefer, you can also store your scarves rolled up. Or if you have no choice but to fold them, make sure that they do not keep the same shape for a long time, as this could leave marks that are more difficult to combat.

How to iron silk

If you have a wrinkled silk foulard, or after washing it, you would like it to recover its initial appearance, do not miss these tips to iron silk step by step.

  1. Ideally, the silk you want to iron should be a little damp. If it does not need a hand wash, you can pour a little water on it. Another trick is to leave the garment near the shower when you are going to take a bath.
  2. The iron with which you are going to iron the silk should be at the lowest temperature, or on a special setting for silk or other delicate garments.
  3. Check the condition of the iron, that the soleplate is clean and smooth. If it is not, you can wipe it with a cloth dampened with water and baking soda.
  4. Before passing the iron, place a cotton cloth over it.
  5. Start in a discreet corner in case the temperature is too high and you have to regulate it.
  6. Make quick passes with the iron, smoothing beforehand.


What do you think of these tips? If you put them into practice, you will always be able to wear your silk scarves smooth and in perfect condition.

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