When you hold one of our silk scarves between your fingers, you will know that you are holding a high quality silk scarf. But what can you look for to know if a silk scarf is really original? We have compiled some of the things you should look for to know if your silk scarf is made of natural or artificial silk.

Characteristics of natural silk

In this other post we talked about what to look for when buying a silk scarf online. But to know if a silk scarf is original, first of all we have to know the characteristics of silk.

  • Its texture. Natural silk is soft and very pleasant to the touch, while artificial silk can be somewhat viscous.
  • Shine. Natural silk shines, but it does not have an exaggerated shine. In addition, if we put the fabric under the light, we will see that the shine is not uniform. On the other hand, synthetic silk has a more artificial shine, a bit excessive, and under the light it looks the same all over.
  • Breathability. One of the characteristics of natural silk, which will help you to know if a silk scarf is original, is that thanks to its transpiration, silk is cool in summer and warm in winter. For this reason, besides being used to make scarves and shawls, it is also common to find silk garments such as handkerchiefs and bed linen.
  • Resistance. Although it seems a fragile fabric, the truth is that an original silk scarf, or any other garment made with this fabric, can last a lifetime.
  • Irregularities. It is normal for natural silk garments to have some irregularity, even if it is minimal. In addition, the design of a hand-painted natural silk will be the same on the front as on the back, while if it is industrially printed, the color of the front will have less strength.

The texture of the original silk

To know if a scarf is original silk, feel its texture delicately. If you feel it rough and somewhat viscous, it is most likely that the scarf is made of artificial silk or a poor quality silk.

Its luster will also help you make this check. The silk that shines the most is Crepe Satin, also called ‘angel skin’ which is made with a very tight warp of thread.

If your scarf is not made with this type of silk and it looks very shiny, it is probably not natural silk. This type of scarf is harder to the touch.

Seams on a natural silk scarf

When a scarf is not of high quality, all its edges will be machine stitched. On the other hand, if the stitching is distinct or the edges are turned inward and the corners are hand-stitched, the silk scarf will be of better quality.

Look at the drape to know if a silk scarf is original.

The breathability of natural silk also causes natural silk scarves to drape differently than artificial silk scarves.

If you place a scarf on a table and move it with both hands from one end, you will see that the air flows smoothly through the whole dimension of the scarf, exiting on the opposite side with great softness. This, in addition to its breathability, is due to the fact that the fabric is made from natural animal yarns.


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