For the last few years everything has been going big, bags, jewelry, jackets, pants, shoes… That’s why for many fashion lovers the XL or oversize is synonymous with style and trend. So if oversize is your thing, you will like to know the best ways to wear a large silk scarf that we propose below.

How to wear a long scarf around the neck, over the shoulders

Our rectangular silk scarves are the perfect size to wear as a shawl-like wrap over the shoulders.

The classic way to wrap the shoulders with a scarf is to fold the scarf into a large triangle, wrap it around the shoulders as a shawl and tie a knot in the front. You can also use a scarf ring.

Another way to drape a large silk scarf over your shoulders is to make a large triangle and wrap it around your shoulders, this time asymmetrically. Bring the longer side to the opposite shoulder and let it hang down over the back. This way the longest corner of the triangle is on one side, covering one of the arms.

Wear a large square scarf around your neck in the traditional way.

Scarves are so versatile that you can play with them in a thousand different ways, combining their colorful designs with all kinds of outfits and looks. For example, wearing a silk scarf around your neck is always a trend and a statement of intent that fashion is your thing.

The classic way to wear the scarf around your neck is very simple:

  1. Fold the square scarf in two.
  2. Fold it in two again, over and over again until you get it in the shape of a band.
  3. Once you get this shape, place the band around your neck with a knot. If you prefer, omit the knot part and let the ends fall.

This way of wearing a large square scarf is perfect for keeping your neck safe and warm in winter or on cooler summer nights.

How to wear silk neckerchiefs in a romantic style

If you prefer a more relaxed style, with a romantic touch, instead of folding the scarf carefully to form a band, simply fold the large square scarf diagonally and place it loosely around your neck.

Large silk scarf for neck
The Hub Scarf, large and versatile

You can tie it in front or at the side of the neck, with one knot if you like it to slim your figure by being longer, or with two to shorten the length of the scarf.

Wearing a scarf on your head Grace Kelly style

One of the ways to wear a silk scarf on your head is to follow the trend that Grace Kelly made fashionable:

  1. To do this, fold the scarf into a triangle and center it at the top of the head, following the hairline.
  2. Cross the two ends of the triangle under the chin and bring them to the back of the neck.
  3. Tie the two ends above the main corner that was left behind, over the back.
  4. To complete this look don’t forget your sunglasses.


Did you know all these ways to wear a large silk scarf? If you want to buy silk scarves online, at you will find a wide selection of scarves, in different sizes, prints and colors. All of them of exquisite quality and with unique exclusive designs, perfect to try different ways of wearing the scarf and complete your looks for special occasions and ceremonies, or for everyday wear.

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