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Ideas on how you can wear and style our scarf

The versatility when it comes to wearing silk scarves and styling them is so great that we thought of creating this blog category with you in mind, to give you ideas and tips on different ways to wear scarves in your day to day life.

I want to see ideas on how to wear a scarf.
How to wear a big scarf

For the last few years everything has been going big, bags, jewelry, jackets, pants, shoes… That’s why for many fashion lovers the XL or oversize is synonymous with style and...

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How to wear small silk scarves?

If last week we talked about how to wear large silk scarves as clothing, today it’s the turn of the smallest of our collections of square silk scarves. These are...

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How to wear large scarves as a clothing piece

You’ve probably seen one of those 5 minute scarf outfit ideas videos, where they show you a thousand different ways to wear a scarf. Even how to use large scarves...

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Men’s: How to wear silk scarves on the neck?

Our silk scarves are far from being exclusively for women. More and more men dare to take risks with their looks and set trends with different garments and accessories for...

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Although we are inspired by art, the real masterpiece is you

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The world of silk scarves

History, curiosities and much more related to the world of silk scarves and scarves.

Tell me more about the world of scarves
Hermès: The masters of natural silk scarves

You read that right, and we’re not crazy, today we’ll tell you why this brand gives us this love-hate feeling. The origins of Hermès It is important to put oneself...

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How to differentiate a scarf from a shawl, foulard or pashmina?

We often talk about scarves, shawls and scarves as if they were the same accessory. And it is normal, since all of them are mainly used to cover the neck,...

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¿Cómo elegir un pañuelo oncológico?

La caída del cabello es un efecto secundario habitual es quienes reciben quimioterapia. Se trata de un momento complicado, en el que algunas mujeres pueden sentir que han dejado de...

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5 great ideas for decorating your home with your favorite accessories

Have you ever thought that your favorite accessories are too beautiful to be forgotten in a closet? Some accessories and complements like our printed silk scarves can become authentic works...

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What to look out for when buying a silk scarf online?

Buying online has countless advantages, but not seeing the product live or not knowing the brand, the purchase decision may involve some doubts and fears about the good you want...

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How do you know if a silk scarf is really silk?

When you hold one of our silk scarves between your fingers, you will know that you are holding a high quality silk scarf. But what can you look for to...

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Silk scarves, the fashionable accessory for wedding guests

In a previous post we told you what to combine a silk scarf with. But in this case we want to go a little further and propose you some ideas...

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Unique gifts designed and thought out

for you

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Care for your scarves and foulards

If you want your scarf to last for years, and stay as the first day, we leave you these tips and tricks!

I want to learn how to take care of my scarves
Where and how to store silk scarves and foulards?

After cleaning and ironing the silk scarves as we indicated in this other post, it is time to store them in such a way that they are kept in the...

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Handmade scarves that dress your essence

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All about silk

Properties, benefits, myths, truths, history… everything you need to know to become a silk expert.

Yes, I want to learn more about silk
Myths and facts about silk that you’ll love to know

Silk has always been a part of all kinds of legends and mysteries. But often due to ignorance, there are also all kinds of myths and beliefs that have little...

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Uses of silk that you may not have known about

Silk is one of the most amazing natural fibers in the world. And although we all know its uses in fashion and in the production of our soft and exclusive...

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Why do silkworms raise their heads?

Behind our work as manufacturers of silk scarves and foulards, there is also the meticulous work of the small silkworms, which elaborate the cocoons that will later be used to...

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Types of silk worms

Did you know that there are hundreds of types of silkworms? Depending on the breed, worms may vary in body length, feeding days, disease resistance or tolerance to temperature changes....

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Differences between natural and artificial silk

If in a previous post we learned to differentiate silk from satin, today it is the turn to know the differences between natural and artificial silk. Since many times we...

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Does silk wrinkle?

The fabric of our original silk scarves is one of the most precious natural fibers in the world: it is fine, breathable, shiny and very elegant. But does silk wrinkle?...

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Silk types

As we mentioned in this article about the origin of silk, this natural fiber is made from the cocoons of sericigenous insects. But did you know that there are different...

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Is silk the same as satin?

When we talk about soft and tasty fabrics, the first one that comes to mind is silk. But next to it, we also find others such as satin or satin,...

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The origin of silk: How is silk made?

The softness and other properties of silk make this fabric associated with luxury and quality. But do you know the origin of silk? We invite you to discover a little...

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Silk properties and benefits

Our silk scarves are not only cheerful, elegant and timeless. Thanks to the natural silk with which we make them, silk scarves and scarves also have great properties for the...

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Scarves with designs very typical of our Andalusía

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Ideas to wear your silk scarves

A scarf can dress you in any occasion, and become a fashionable accessory that gives a touch of color to your wardrobe.

Inspire yourself with our suggestions.

Inspire me on how to wear a scarf
How to combine colours of clothes and accessories

Knowing how to combine colours of clothes and accessories is essential to get the best looks. And although we usually let ourselves be guided by our tastes or what we...

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¿Cómo llevar el chal de fiesta?

Tienes una boda, u otro evento que requiera ir con ese vestido de fiesta que tanto te gusta. Pero crees que el escote tiene demasiado escote para la ceremonia, o...

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5 silk scarf looks for men

Our printed silk scarves are also perfect for men who want to wear a colorful and different, sophisticated and elegant garment. In addition, there are plenty of ways to wear...

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The best retirement gifts for women

Are you looking for gifts for a retiring co-worker, or a gift for a retiring mother? We know that this moment is very special, you say goodbye to a very...

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7 fall 2021 trends that you should get on board with

That’s right. It’s time to say goodbye to the heat, the vacations and those scarf hairstyles that have gotten us out of trouble so many times this summer. But the...

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Wedding shawl alternatives

Although there are those who still bet on the shawl, the scarf or the bullfighter, the truth is that this gauze garment is not the most ‘trendy’ or current if...

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Scarf hairstyles: 5 ideas for this summer

Summer is a great time to wear our colorful silk scarves. And even if your place of residence doesn’t have a breath of fresh air all summer long that allows...

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7 Fashion accessories for this spring/summer 2021

Gone are the frozen feet, cracked hands and a thousand layers of coats. Spring, like every year, brings color and ideal temperatures to enjoy nature, but also new trends and...

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How do you accessorize with a silk scarf?

There are an infinite number of ways to combine a silk scarf. In fact, this is one of the reasons why scarves and foulards are so popular. They are one...

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