Mujer con pañuelo de seda rojo



While many projects arise after a market study, analysis and numbers that indicate that they are going to be successful, our project arises from the need to transmit the beauty that surrounds us and the creations of the artists with whom we collaborate.

In love with art in all its forms of expression, we realised how difficult it was for us to find fashion accessories that we could really identify with. And when you can’t find what you want, one of the ways to go is to make it. And we realised that scarves are the perfect blank canvas on which to express our ideas, madness and creations.


We are not, nor do we want to be.

We do not want our brand to be the gateway to an exclusive club.

We don’t want to be associated with luxury (even if we use the best silks and the best finishes).

We don’t want our scarves to make you who you are. You already are, our scarves are a small detail in the real work of art, you.


Our products and designs are made with one thing in mind, timelessness. We want to create pieces that you can give to your children, that will become an heirloom.

We don’t want to bring out endless collections every season, nor do we want to have to liquidate old stock, all under the dictates of fashion and trends that in our opinion are incomprehensible.


For us, a cornerstone in our project, understood in our own way.

The best way to be sustainable is to manufacture quality. Scarves that last for years and years, and that if you have to buy another one, it is to give it as a gift to a loved one or to add another model to your collection.

That is why we use the best natural silks and the best materials in the making of our scarves.

Likewise, the inks we select are 100% Eco solvent inks with OEKO-TEX certification.

And it’s all about not wasting. We manufacture micro runs, keeping the right balance between the scarves you order and the scarves we make. Because every scarf we produce that is not sold, is a waste generated, which of course, we give a second life to.


The essential part of our project, the human part and the part we like the most.

Many of our collections are made by artists, known and unknown, but we see value and authenticity in their creations.

Our collaborations are symbiotic, where we look for the mutual benefit of Hamzah and the artist. We want to be a loudspeaker, a canvas, a medium that supports the many artists and creators among our people.

In this way, everyone wins. They grow, you can wear a unique garment and we enjoy the process of creating a scarf, designed to dress your essence, rather than to identify you with a brand.


Yes, you read that right, luxury. But let us explain the reason, and that is that our scarves have nothing to envy to scarves of other known and “luxurious” brands, neither in materials nor in finishes.

Possibly, the only difference you will find is the price, and that is because we do not consider it fair, nor fair trade, that you have to pay 10 times more than what it is worth to make a scarf.

And how do we get our prices? By reducing our profit margin. It’s no mystery.

But the key is that we do this with and for love, not for money. That’s why you will find in Hamzah great quality, unique designs and a service that has nothing to envy to other brands, but in an affordable way. Not cheap, as silk is an expensive material, but at a fair price, or as we like to call it, fair trade.

If we had to sum up our way of thinking in one sentence, it would probably be, we make scarves with heart, for people who think and feel differently.