Turkish Art Inspired Scarves


Esra Yardımcı, of Turkish nationality, has been living in Barcelona for some years.Trained at the University of Fine Arts in Turkey, she has specialized in one of the branches of Turkish / Ottoman art, floral decoration.This type of decoration has been selected for the decoration of books and manuscripts.It highlights the use of gold, blue tones, and geometric but floral compositions at the same time. And that is precisely where the difficulty of this art lies.I leave here her Instagram so you can see the beautiful things she does:


It would be difficult to explain the beginning of this collaboration, as we could say that it was a matter of chance.During the year I lived in Barcelona, I had the pleasure of meeting Esra and her husband. And her husband played a fundamental role in this process, as he was the one who pushed us to do something together.She is an incredible artist, her designs left me speechless from minute one, and of course, with people like that only beautiful things can come out.And we are delighted with this exclusive collection that she has developed for Hamzah.

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