Silk scarves

The silk scarves that you will find in our online shop of scarves and foulards are made with 100% natural silk. This first quality raw material, together with our exclusive designs, allow us to offer you a unique and timeless garment, which will resist in perfect conditions over time. Its soft and delicate touch and its elegant and sensual fall, will make you fall in love with it as soon as your skin comes in contact with its fabric. Although the touch will not be the only sense that will make you feel this garment in a special way. Its medium-intensity shine and the intensity of the color, which is maintained on both sides, will conquer you. natural silk scarves support sustainable consumption. Thus, their artisanal production implies a minimal environmental impact. In addition, we try to go against the current of a society of accelerated and unsustainable consumption. Therefore, the quality of the fabric and the design of our scarves will provide you with a very durable accessory, which can be reused in different ways so you will never get tired of it. Available in a wide variety of combinations, Hamzah’s patterned silk scarves are ideal to add a touch of color and joy to any look.  So they can be used not only for special occasions and events, with accessories that are carefully designed to detail. Our scarves are also suitable for everyday looks. They are perfect to go to the office, to the university, or just for a walk, you won’t be short of occasions to wear them! .

Silk scarf to give to a man

Are you looking for an original, special, different and exclusive gift? Our online silk scarves are perfect to give as a gift to a man or to surprise a woman. All the designs of our natural silk scarves are unisex and have a beautiful inspiration in the Andalusian art, the beauty of the shapes and the magic of nature.. So if you do not know what to give to a man, we suggest you take a look at our scarves and foulards for men.. Think about his favorite colors, or the shades that suit him best depending on his eye, skin or hair color and give him a timeless accessory designed for him.. We also have personalized scarves for all those who are looking for a luxury gift, even more exclusive. Are you interested? Do not hesitate to contact us!. Men’s silk scarves also have endless styling possibilities. Try an Italian knot, European knot, X knot or a faux knot. You’re sure to find a perfect way to wear your scarf depending on your look or the image you want to convey..

Large silk scarves, how to wear them

In our online store you can find silk scarves for women in different sizes. But if you are looking for silk head scarves, the larger formats will give you many more options, each one more special. Silk headscarves can be used in countless ways. For example:

  • As a turban with hair tied back
  • Covering the head and hair, with lacing under the chin. Peasant type
  • In plain or braided headband form
  • As a bow and scrunchie.

Large silk scarves can also be worn as a belt, on the belt loops or directly around the waist.

Women's silk scarves

If you are one of those women who love accessories, you will know that a scarf is one of those essential items that we can not refuse and if the fabric is silk, elegance will be part of your style. Visit Hamzah and you will find a variety of silk scarves for women with very competitive prices. We are a store specialized in the manufacture and design of scarves and scarves to measure so you can give us your idea and our team of professionals will be responsible for making for you, the best silk scarf to your style. Silk is a high quality fabric and in Hamzah we know that quality does not have to be at odds with the price so our silk scarves and scarves are affordable for all budgets without losing the class that this type of accessory means in a woman. Enter Hamzah and contact our team of professionals to wear the best silk scarves on the web.

Natural silk scarves

The natural silk scarves are a perfect accessory that will fit your style and will give you that touch you need to stand out both in your day to day and in a special moment. Visit Hamzah and you will be able to choose a variety of scarves and scarves that will fit your style. Scarves are an indispensable accessory at any time of the year. This textile garment is perfect if you have a business dedicated to this sector or even other types of stores such as museums, various events, congresses or any other type of extraordinary situation. Enter the Hamzah website and you will be able to choose the scarves you need for that special event: scarves and scarves with a pronounced fall or silks with less mommes and lighter that will have a softer fall. We also offer the highest quality in all our fabrics and we treat silk as it deserves, with delicacy, so that the final result is to your liking. Hamzah is your natural silk scarf store. Leave everything in our hands for this elegant and indispensable accessory.

Printed silk scarves

You can't leave home without your accessories? You have a business and you want to vary your articles? At Hamzah you will be able to choose and order the best printed silk scarves in the market with a spectacular quality at a really incredible price. Printed silk scarves are an accessory that is loved by all women who love this type of textile garment. Hamzah has a professional and technical team that makes the best prints on these scarves and scarves with the best machinery of last generation. Our experience and knowledge in this type of textile garments, have made us market leaders and many museum and event companies choose us to customize scarves. We have square and rectangular silk scarves designed for every moment and for every type of customer. Hamzah thinks about the well-being of the customer and the quality that this type of complement deserves. Hamzah thinks of any type of person and for this reason our large silk scarves are adapted to all tastes and all budgets as one of our pillars is the quality at the best price in the market. Imagine that you have that long awaited event and you want to go marking your style but with a different complement. We have the solution thanks to our large silk scarves made with the utmost care and attention. Our team of professionals and designers take care of each garment so that our entire collection is unique and exclusive and you choose us precisely for that. Hamzah is your original accessories store with the best price and exquisite customer service. Enter our website and check our elegance in every scarf and shawl.


Great quality and fast delivery. It was a gift and was super well received. Thank you!

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Excelente servicio al cliente, envío rápido y hecho con la seda más hermosa y suave. Lo compré para mi boda y era aún más bonito en persona.

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Bonito y suave pañuelo. El color es el mismo que el de la foto.
Me encanta, ¡cliente feliz!

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Wonderful Customer service and beautiful product. I will for sure order again.

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Compré este pañuelo como regalo para mi madre y le ha encantado. Gran servicio. Muchas gracias!

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