Gone are the frozen feet, cracked hands and a thousand layers of coats. Spring, like every year, brings color and ideal temperatures to enjoy nature, but also new trends and fashion accessories to shine and give a more modern touch to our outfits.

Today we bring you the 10 fashion accessories that can not miss in your closet this spring/summer.

Did you know that silk scarves are the fashion accessory for wedding guests? We tell you about it in this other post!

Bags made of natural fibers

Straw, raffia and wicker bags have become a must-have for the last few summers. And this year they were not going to be less.

These natural fibers bring freshness to summer looks and are perfect for going to the beach, as well as for all kinds of morning and afternoon plans.

You can find them in any clothing or accessory store, including the big fashion brands.

Crochet bags

Crochet is always associated with summer. It is common to find it on bikinis and all kinds of clothing. But this spring and summer you will see it mostly on small chic and feminine handbags. You will also see it everywhere in fisherman style net bags.

Pearls in all accessories

These diamonds of the sea are back on trend. Their characteristic shine and their association with luxury make them another trendy accessory for this spring/summer 2021.

Pearls have accompanied women for hundreds of years, adapting to the different trends of the moment. From the characteristic necklaces of the 20’s, to the pearl earrings of the 50’s. Now we find these natural jewels in belts, bags and jewelry. But also in clothing and hair accessories.

Silk scarves are back on trend

There are few accessories more versatile than scarves. We have already told you on other occasions how to combine silk scarves, but we anticipate that they look great in the hair, hanging on the handle of your favorite bag, as a bracelet or necklace, or in its most conventional use: To protect the neck of the coolest summer nights.

Big brands like Dior propose to use these scarves on the head to create all kinds of hairstyles and looks. While other brands like Givenchy prefer to use them as accessories for handbags.

And you, how do you prefer them?

Accessories with bangs

Either you hate them or you love them. But what is clear is that bangs are another trend of the moment. They combine very well with all kinds of materials and prints and give a casual look ideal for the spring and summer months.

This season we can find bangs in shoes, bags, belts and… shoes!

Toe sandals

This accessory is not suitable for everyone either. Thong sandals are nothing new, but never before have they been worn so much in their dress version, with heels included.

Small glasses

Surely we all have several pieces of giant sunglasses from other seasons, some even unworn. But sorry to say, this season sunglasses are being worn in their mini version. You will find them on the catwalks small and rectangular, in the purest Matrix style. Do you dare with them? Of course, they are the most comfortable option to wear with a face mask.

Remember that it is not so much their shape that matters, but that they use the right lenses to protect you from the sun’s most harmful rays.


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