If last week we talked about how to wear large silk scarves as clothing, today it’s the turn of the smallest of our collections of square silk scarves. These are so versatile that with all the ideas we give you below you will lack occasions to wear small silk scarves, combining style and functionality.

Ways to wear small silk scarves

Any silk scarf brings a chic and colorful touch to any look, so small silk scarves are not going to be less. Here are some options to add this accessory to your style and give it a plus of originality.

A classic that never fails: scarf around the neck

Although the smaller silk scarves cannot be wrapped in the same way around the neck, nor play with them with the different knots for larger scarves and furales, it is still possible to cover this part of the body and protect it from the cold.

To wear it this way, just fold it diagonally and tie a double knot around the neck. It also looks great over the collar of shirts.

In any case, the small scarves on the neck will give a lot of roll to your clothes, and a very rock and feminine casual chic touch.

Small scarf over the shoulders

It is clear that with a small silk scarf you will not be able to cover the entire shoulders. However, if you fold it diagonally and knot the two ends of the scarf at the front of the neck, you can wear your favorite scarf backwards in a very original way.

Wear your small scarf on your wrist

Another way to wear small silk scarves is to tie it on your wrist and wear it as textile jewelry. This way you can get more out of that small scarf that you like so much but you don’t know how to wear or how to combine it.

A pocket scarf

One more use of small scarves is to put them in the pocket of jackets or coats, so that they appear in an elegant way. This is an ideal accessory to add a touch of color and make a look more elegant and exclusive.

Small pocket scarf

Wearing small silk scarves in the hair

If you like to try different things or you are tired of wearing your hair always the same, small scarves can be placed in many different ways to gather or decorate your hair.

You can use your scarves to cover the scrunchie for a more original and eye-catching style; use the scarf as a headband; place it to decorate a bun; or use it to tie the end of a braid.

Small silk hair scarf


As you can see, silk scarves are one of the most versatile garments out there. Therefore, besides being an accessory with a very long useful life due to the exceptional quality of its fabric, you will be able to make the most of it thanks to its multiple uses in fashion.

Here you can see a selection of our small silk square scarves:

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