You’ve probably seen one of those 5 minute scarf outfit ideas videos, where they show you a thousand different ways to wear a scarf. Even how to use large scarves as a garment. And this accessory adapts to any figure, especially if you use one of our silk scarves. In addition, this fabric is so soft and light that it is incredibly comfortable.

Would you like to know how to use a large scarf as a garment? Don’t miss this post!

How do you make a silk scarf into a top?

If you are looking for a different, original and eye-catching model, you will find it in the drawer of your favorite scarves.

To make a very summery top, ideal for festivals and summer nights, you just have to find a large scarf or scarf and make a fold to give it a triangular shape. Wrap it around your body and tie it in the back.

We have no doubt that you will be a trend setter!

Another way to make a top with a large scarf is to fold it once to form a triangle, open one end a bit and tie it at both ends around your neck. Pass the other two ends of the triangle behind your back and tie a knot as shown in the picture.

Silk Scarf into a top

Our large square scarves that you can use as a top

We have recently launched this collection of silk scarves, measuring 84 x 84 cm, which is ideal for use as a top.

You can also make an original T-shirt using two large scarves. This time interpose one on top of the other while keeping its square shape. Tie a knot at each of the two top ends as straps, letting one scarf fall on the chest and the other on the back. Use a belt to adjust both parts to the body, placing the bottom ends as you like.

Make a dress out of a scarf

Another thing to make with large handkerchiefs is a nice dress. To do this, knot two large handkerchiefs by one of their corners, leaving this knot on the shoulder and placing one handkerchief in front and one behind the body.

How to make a dress with a scarf

Knot the front handkerchief in the back, adjusting it to the body and then proceed to do the same with the back handkerchief, this time tying the knot at the waist.

Clothing tricks with handkerchiefs, make a skirt with your large silk handkerchief.

How to make a skirt with scarf

T-shirts, tops, dresses… And skirts! You can create a peaked skirt using a large old square or rectangular handkerchief that you no longer use. You can also use a large rectangular scarf that you no longer use. If it is square you will need to cut off the excess strip to make it into a square scarf. You can use the leftover strip as a waist band.

Follow the directions in this video to make the peaked skirt without sewing, although you will need to do some cutting. So for this case you can only use scarves that you want to transform into a garment or that you no longer use as a scarf.

You can also make a mini skirt with a thick scarf that you no longer use. Making this skirt from a handkerchief is very easy and if you like crafts and sewing it won’t cost you more than thirty minutes of your time.

What did you think of these ideas? Making your own clothes from handkerchiefs will allow you to wear exclusive and very original garments, with unique and colorful prints.

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Discover here how to wear silk scarves on your neck, we teach you how to tie some of the most stylish knots with scarves.

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