Our silk scarves are far from being exclusively for women. More and more men dare to take risks with their looks and set trends with different garments and accessories for men, such as scarves and foulards. 

There are infinite ways to wear a foulard, but in this case we focus on how to wear silk scarves on the neck, with tips designed for men. 

Do you dare to set your own style? Follow these tips and feel free to share your looks with us on our social networks! (On Instagram you will find us as ‘@hamzah_silk’).

Neck scarf with City Slicker knot 

One of the simplest and most attractive ways to wear silk scarves around the neck is the City Slicker knot. 

This is an uncomplicated knot, which can be easily adjusted, and which will allow you to wear your favorite silk scarf, both on special occasions and in everyday life.

To do this, fold the scarf in half lengthwise and place it over both shoulders, encircling the back of the neck. Now pull the two loose ends and insert them into the loop created by the fold. 

The Connoisseur knot 

The Connoisseur, or The Connoisseur, is another convenient and fashionable way to wear a scarf, allowing it to stay in place at all times. 

To do this, place the scarf over your shoulders, around your neck, making sure that the two ends are parallel in front. Bring one end forward and pass it under the other. Place the front over the back, adjusting the length to your liking. 

You can wear this knot looser, or tighter, inside a coat or blazer. 

The best thing about our silk scarves for men is that they are super soft, comfortable and versatile. So they are perfect to wear them both inside the shirt or jacket, as well as on the outside. 

The Sophisticate knot

The Sophisticated knot is ideal for wearing a men’s scarf in the winter, as it protects the neck area more. It is also a great way to wear silk scarves around the neck to protect against summer night breezes or stronger than desirable air conditioning. 

To do this, place the scarf around your neck, as above, and leave one end shorter than the other. Now, wrap the longer end loosely around the neck once or twice if you are going for a thicker look. Allowing one end to be slightly longer than the other gives a more natural and spontaneous look, but the length can be adjusted to your preference.

Wearing silk scarves around the neck Ivy-Leaguer style 

If you want to wear the scarf in a formal way, the Ivy-Leaguer knot is perfect and can be worn either over the shoulder or tucked into a jacket or suit in the shape of an ‘X’. You can use this style to add a different touch to a tuxedo or suit jacket. 

Wearing silk scarf casually

If instead of keeping the scarf in place, you want to maximize the impact of the movement, we suggest The Jet Setter style. This way you won’t wear a knot, just the scarf around your neck, with one end shorter than the other.

The longer end of the scarf is placed at the front of the neck and hung from the opposite shoulder. If the silk scarf is too long, wrap it around the neck before placing it behind the shoulder. 

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