After cleaning and ironing the silk scarves as we indicated in this other post, it is time to store them in such a way that they are kept in the best possible condition for as long as possible, protected from light and small insects.

Where to store small silk scarves?

If you love small silk scarves and you have a nice collection, you can store them in a drawer of your closet or dresser without any problem. It can also be a good option to use a box that adapts to the number and size of the scarves and protects them from sunlight.

If you decide to store folded silk scarves, you should be careful if they are kept in the same shape for a long time, as they may be marked or wrinkled and difficult to remove.

How to store folded silk scarves

Therefore, to make the best use of space and take care of the delicate silk, we recommend you to roll the scarves carefully on trays and secure them with beautiful napkin rings that do not damage the fabric and give a more elegant and original touch.

How to store silk scarves and large scarves?

If your thing is scarves and square silk scarves, you may be interested in knowing a way to keep them in good condition, without wasting space in the closet and keeping them more in sight to get more out of them.

In these cases, you can choose to hang the handkerchiefs, to avoid wrinkles and marks that are difficult to remove. A good option is to use tie hangers or small towel racks.

how to store large silk scarves

If you have a thin rod in the closet, you can create your own hangers for handkerchiefs. To do this, place clothespins that incorporate small rings to insert the handkerchiefs and hang them without fear that the clothespin will deform them.

Rolling the scarves to keep their shape

Silk is one of the softest and tastiest fabrics that exist, but also one of the most delicate. Therefore, if you want to keep your scarves always in perfect condition, it is vital to store them properly.

Experts in this fabric recommend using tissue papers to store rolled handkerchiefs. You can follow these steps:

  1. Place one or two tissue papers, depending on the size of the silk handkerchief, and stretch the handkerchief over them.
  2. Use a cardboard tube of no more than three centimeters in diameter and roll the silk scarf in it very carefully, without too much pressure.
  3. To finish, close the two sides with the help of elastic bands, letting the tissue paper protrude a little on the sides, but make sure not to catch the fabric with them, so as not to leave a mark.
  4. The scarves are now ready to be stored in the dressing room, or in any other dry place, away from sunlight.
How to store rolled silk scarves

Ironing poorly stored foulards

If you are late to read this post, and you have your silk scarves balled up in a corner of your closet, you probably need to iron them to show them off in all their splendor.

To iron the handkerchiefs you can use two white cotton sheets. Place one of the sheets on the ironing board and place your silk handkerchief on it, and on top of it, the other white cotton cloth.

Do not forget to iron the handkerchief inside out, so that the colors deteriorate as little as possible.

Moisten the white cotton fabric with a little water using a spray bottle and then iron with the iron in the delicate or silk option.


Now you are ready to combine your silk scarf or roll it up to keep it in perfect condition.

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