In a previous post we told you what to combine a silk scarf with. But in this case we want to go a little further and propose you some ideas to wear your scarf with a very special guest look.

Did you know that silk scarves have become the fashion accessory of the season? There are countless ways to add a scarf to a guest outfit or dress, a perfect option for those women who are looking for a different, trend-setting touch. Do you dare?

How to use silk scarves in a wedding as a guest?

Silk scarves are always a chic proposal. And if we also combine them with a beautiful dress or a two-piece set for guests, the result is a real wonder.

There are many ways in which you can use a silk scarf at a wedding, we suggest the following.

How do I style my hair with a silk scarf?

Silk scarf for hair

One of the latest trends that have this accessory as the main protagonist is to place it in the hair to get a flirty and feminine styling.

Depending on the look you are going for, scarves can be knotted in different ways. For example, by intertwining the scarf in an Italian bun, a more serious and sophisticated style is achieved.

While if it is used as a headband, with loose hair or braids, the look will be more bohemian.

head scarf braid

Although without a doubt, the favorite look for most guests who add this fashion accessory to their style, is a simple ponytail tied with a scarf. If you finally opt for this option, you can knot the scarf in a bow, so that the scarf is shorter; or simply tie a knot around it so that the ends of the scarf fall beyond the end of the hair. This is a very versatile hairstyle, as there are many ways to make the ponytails: high, low, tousled, smooth… In any case, this style is becoming so popular that even many brides are opting to add it to their wedding look.

Another option is to weave the scarf into a long braid, or tie it at the end of the braid as a ponytail.

Mujer con pañuelo de seda azul y rojo en la cabeza

An ideal accessory to replace a pamela or headdress.

If pamelas and headdresses are not for you, or their price seems excessive to use them only once, silk scarves will be the alternative you are looking for to solve a ‘bad hair day’. In addition, this accessory has the advantage of being very versatile and can be used both in the day to day, as in special events such as weddings.

For a daytime wedding, we suggest a ponytail or loose hair adorned with a silk scarf. And if you are looking for an evening guest look, perhaps an Italian bun with an intertwined scarf or a braid with a neckerchief will suit you like a glove.

Giving a different look to a hat or pamela

If you want to wear a beautiful hat to a wedding, how about tying a scarf around it? Another option is to cover the hair with a large silk scarf and place the hat on top. You can get inspired by this original bride.

When choosing the scarf you are going to wear as a guest, you can choose a plain one, which combines with the colors of the look, or a printed one, which adds that special, different and striking touch.


Which of these ideas do you choose? If you have a clear style, and you only need the scarf, at you can buy silk scarves online. All our models are made with high quality materials and a unique handmade process, which results in an exclusive and very special accessory.

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