Have you ever thought that your favorite accessories are too beautiful to be forgotten in a closet? Some accessories and complements like our printed silk scarves can become authentic works of art to decorate your home. In addition, with these ideas that we bring you below you will surely get your home unique and everyone will be delighted with the original way to give another use to all these accessories.

Frame your scarves

All our scarves are delicately printed, resulting in colorful and high quality silk scarves, with exclusive designs inspired by nature and geometric shapes. You will see that some of them are also inspired by the tiles of the Nasrid Palaces of the Alhambra. In the Art Nouveau silk scarves collection you will also find pieces inspired by Fernando Povo’s works of art. While in the Ottoman print silk scarves collection you will enjoy hand-drawn floral designs, a type of decoration that has been widely selected in the decoration of books and manuscripts.

And although our silk scarves and scarves are designed to be worn in the thousand different ways that this versatile piece allows, they can also look great framed. If you have several scarves that you want to turn into authentic pieces of art in your home, do not hesitate to make a beautiful composition or put several large frames of the same color and size in a row. We suggest you place them in a long hallway, in the foyer or in your bedroom.

Make sure that the handkerchief is perfectly smooth behind the glass, or if you wish, give it the shape you like. This way, the scarf will be well protected and ready to use when you need it.

Decorate your home with favorite accessories

Create wall art frames with your jewelry and costume jewelry

Another way to decorate your home with your favorite accessories is to create a composition of frames of different styles, sizes and colors, put a background or print that you like to each of them and place on it your favorite jewelry.

In the image you can see how to have all these accessories always in sight, while keeping them tidy and decorating your dressing table.

Using jewelry to decorate your home

Hats on the wall

Hats are another of those items that can give a very chic touch to any room in the home.

If you like the boho or Nordic style, we suggest you create a composition with your favorite straw hats and place them on your headboard, or on the dresser in your bedroom. They can also be ideal in the entrance or on the dresser.

use of hats for decoration

Hang your favorite intimate lingerie in your bedroom.

If you have a beautiful silk nightgown or robe, or an elegant lingerie set that matches the tones of your bedroom, don’t hesitate to take it out of the closet and show it off by hanging it.

You can use a mannequin or night mannequin that goes with your style and with the type of decoration of your bedroom. The most daring can also place a rope on the wall, as if it were a clothesline and place on it your most special lingerie. The result will be even better if the room is vintage style and the lingerie items are also vintage.

Shoes to decorate your home

Many times we have in the closet pairs of expensive shoes that we love and that we have not used or that we use only on very special occasions. If you are a fashion lover, these pairs can be perfect to show them off on your shelves. For example, you can place them in your favorite book stacks, on a clear acrylic box or base, to give them a sculptural touch.

What do you think of these ideas to decorate your home with your accessories? In Hamzah we are very clear that an accessory can be a real work of art, that’s why we collaborate with great artists to design some of our collections. Take a look at our online store of silk scarves and let yourself be seduced by their colors and prints.

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