Although there are those who still bet on the shawl, the scarf or the bullfighter, the truth is that this gauze garment is not the most ‘trendy’ or current if we are looking for a good look for an important event. Luckily there are more and more options to give that final touch to a special outfit or to comply with the protocol of certain places. In this post we want to give you some alternatives to the shawl for a wedding, for all those women who are looking for something different, without sacrificing style.

Silk scarves, an alternative to shawls for weddings

We already told you once that silk scarves had become the fashion accessory for wedding guests. We told you about the different options to incorporate it into the hairstyle or around a pamela, or as a substitute for it. In this case we have to add that our silk scarves and scarves are one of the most elegant alternatives to the shawl for a wedding.

Unlike the gauze of the shawl, silk has interesting properties; it is soft, delicate, in short, a unique and perfect fabric to protect our neck and shoulders from the cold or the lower temperatures of the night.

But when we talk about weddings, and being realistic, the most important thing is that all the accessories combine with each other and reinforce the style we want to achieve. And in this, silk scarves also have the upper hand, since there are models, prints and colors for all tastes.

But how to wear a natural silk scarf as an alternative to a shawl? Well, the same way you would wear any other type of scarf. Over the shoulders and with the drape at the back (or forward, without a knot), or over the shoulders and with a knot on the chest. We suggest you play with the piece until you find the shape that best suits your look.

Manila shawl

The manila shawl is a very classic garment, but the truth is that it is fashionable and can look great in spring or summer events. It is an alternative to the shawl that dresses a lot by itself, so the ideal is to resort to it when the dress is simple and we want all the prominence to take our manila shawl.

Kimono instead of shawl

With kimonos happens something very similar to the manila shawls. They are very elegant garments and perfect to wear at an important event such as a wedding, baptism, communion or any other type of ceremony. But be careful not to combine it with a garment with a different print or too flashy.

Reserve your kimono for more sober and plain looks, in a single color. Surely the result is amazing and you will look much more favored.

Fur stole or coats, alternatives to shawl for winter weddings
If the wedding is in winter, the truth is that a shawl or scarf can do little for you. In these cases the most appropriate for the season and these events is to opt for a fur stole. It does not have to be a natural fur stole, today there are many synthetic fur options that are very successful and look great with winter dresses.

It is normal that the stoles incorporate a slot to be able to place it under the shoulders and join it in the center, putting one of the ends through this open seam. You can also wear it over one shoulder or drape the ends over the chest.

Fur coats or capes can also be a good option as alternatives to shawls for weddings in the colder months of the year.

Buy silk scarves online

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