Silk has always been a part of all kinds of legends and mysteries. But often due to ignorance, there are also all kinds of myths and beliefs that have little to do with reality. Do you know the main myths and truths of silk? We tell you the most interesting ones!

Silk regulates body temperature

True, true! One of the properties of silk is that this natural fabric is an excellent temperature regulator. Thanks to its insulating effect, it helps maintain body temperature. Therefore, when it is cold, the heat is kept inside the silk thanks to the air between its threads.

But that’s not all. Silk is also an excellent moisture regulator. Its fibers are able to maintain a constant humidity, thus achieving a perfect balance for the skin.

Silk has antibacterial effect

That’s right! Another truth about silk and a fascinating property of this fabric is that it is less infested with bacteria and dust mites than other similar fabrics. In addition, this natural fiber does not produce odors and does not absorb dust. For all these reasons, its use is especially recommended for people who are allergic to dust and synthetic fabrics.

Moreover, silk does not release particles or substances that can affect the respiratory tract. This is a great advantage for all people with respiratory disorders, as well as helping to prevent these health problems.

Silk cannot be tumble dried

Myth. One of the myths of silk is that the washing machine and dryer spoil these garments. Nowadays it is possible to wash silk and dry it with the help of domestic machines such as the washing machine and dryer. Ideally, however, they should be equipped with silk-specific programs to prevent damage to our most precious silk garments. For example, the Absolute Care drying technology of some dryers is perfect.

If you prefer to wash silk by hand, here we tell you how to clean silk easily.

Silk is fragile

Silk is a light fiber. But this does not make it fragile or easily broken. In fact, silk is very durable by nature.

That’s why silk scarves and other silk garments stand the test of time. That’s why we say that our silk scarves and silk scarves are gifts for life.

However, we must not overlook that it is important to respect the care that this type of fabric requires to perfectly withstand the passage of time.

Silk garments are very expensive

For all the properties of silk, this textile fiber has always been considered expensive and inaccessible to most people. And although it is true that natural silk garments usually have a higher price than the same garments in polyester or other similar artificial textiles, there really are silk garments with a great value for money. An example is our silk scarves.


Did you know these myths and truths about silk? It is fascinating to think about the history behind this natural fiber so admired all over the world.

Although the best way to get out of doubt about all the things that are said about silk is to try and feel the quality and softness of these garments in direct contact with your skin.

At we are sure that silk will seduce you. Love at first touch exists, we have the proof.

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