Knowing how to combine colours of clothes and accessories is essential to get the best looks. And although we usually let ourselves be guided by our tastes or what we feel like at any given moment, it never hurts to know a bit of theory about the colours that go best with each other.

Here are some tips to make a good combination of colours and to know what kind of silk scarves, bags or other accessories to choose depending on the colour of the clothes we choose.

Combination of colours according to their connection

When choosing the accessories for our outfit we have to take into account if our look is monochrome, if there are prints or if we want to combine it with several different colours.

For example, the most basic and monochrome looks will combine with almost any colour and print. While if we choose clothes with prints or different colours, the ideal thing to do is to choose a single-colour accessory.

Combine opposite colours

Complementary or opposite colours are colours that are on opposite sides of the Itten colour wheel.

They are very cheerful and eye-catching combinations. They are therefore a daring combination, not suitable for those who want to go unnoticed.

Combination of colours close to each other

This combination is based on using colours that are close to each other on the chromatic circle. A base colour and two additional colours are used.

Triad colour scheme

The triad colour scheme consists of combining three colours that are at the same distance from each other on the colour wheel.

With this use of colour we manage to maintain the contrast of the complementary colour combinations, but at the same time bring harmony.

The ideal is to choose a dominant colour and use the other two colours to give strength and contrast.

Analogue colour scheme (between 2 and 5 colours)

Analogue colour schemes are based on combining two to five colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. These shades have a common colour denominator.

For example, an analogue colour combination would be yellow, yellow-orange and yellow-green.

How to combine the colour of the bag?

  • Choose a bag in a basic shade (black, brown, white) when you want to achieve a simple, unadventurous look.
  • Printed bags, combine them with basic garments and primary colours.
  • Single-colour bags are perfect for a total look. For example, in a black look, choose a bag in a bright colour, such as red or yellow. And the same with a total white look, combine it with a green, orange or any colour you like, it will be the focus of attention.

How to match the colour of the scarf with the clothes?

These tips for matching silk scarves also apply to scarves and scarves.

  • For a dark look, choose a printed silk scarf in bright, vibrant colours. It will attract attention and complete the look with a fun and playful touch.
  • For different coloured looks, go for a one-colour scarf, or one with complementary colours to the garments you’ve chosen.

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