Buying online has countless advantages, but not seeing the product live or not knowing the brand, the purchase decision may involve some doubts and fears about the good you want to get. In this case, as it could not be otherwise given the star product of, we want to talk about the aspects you should pay attention to when buying a silk scarf online.

The size of the scarf

Not all silk scarves have the same dimensions. In our online store you will find:

  • Large silk scarves or foulards. They are ideal for making all kinds of knots with scarves around the neck or wear them to cover your shoulders when it cools down or you enter a sacred place. Although they can also be used as large scarves as a garment. Our largest scarves measure 180 × 65 cm so you can fold them, roll them up and combine them in a thousand different ways.
  • Square silk scarves: Small scarves are perfect for knotting in your handbag, wearing around your neck, or putting on your head. Our smallest scarves are square and measure 65 x 65 cm and 84 x 84 cm.
    On the web you will also find much smaller scarves, which are used, for example, to carry them in the pocket of a suit or jacket. So before you buy a silk scarf online, pay attention to its measurements so you don’t get a surprise when it arrives home.

The quality of the silk

If you want to buy a silk scarf online, make sure that it really is a natural silk scarf.

On some websites you will find products listed as silk scarves, which are actually made of synthetic materials or silk mixed with other fabrics.

At we make our silk scarves with high quality natural silk satin. This fabric is not only tremendously soft and offers a very elegant drape. It also has the peculiarity of cooling in hot weather and warming on cold days, as well as not irritating the skin. Only natural fabrics can do this.

Design exclusivity

For those who are looking for exclusive and unique designs, at you will find the designs of a brand that makes every effort to offer these features to our customers.

We make our scarves with our own designs, so you won’t find them in other brands.

In addition, our silk scarves are characterized by bright colors, the result of the most artisan techniques of silk printing.

Customer reviews

Another thing that can help you make a better online purchase is to know the opinion of other customers who have already bought and tried the product you are thinking of buying.

Knowing the opinion of other customers will help you to know the strengths and weaknesses of each product and thus assess whether it fits your needs.

Why buy silk scarves online?

In we have opted to open an online store of silk scarves and scarves because of the countless advantages that this sales platform has. Among other things:

Convenience for the customer, who can buy from anywhere, without leaving home.
Being able to offer our products to a much wider public. Since we send our handkerchiefs to any place.
Buying on our website is easy, intuitive and safe (always remember to buy in stores with secure connection, a padlock must appear next to the URL).


If after reading this guide you still have doubts about your online purchase, we encourage you to contact us. Despite being an online business, we try to offer you the proximity of physical stores, with a close and personalized service that you will find on the other side of the screen or phone.

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